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R & G Rear sets

Maximise your potential and fine tune your machine to your exact requirements.  Milled out of lightweight aluminium for high strength and durability. R&G rear sets provide a large range of adjustment to exactly position and tailor to suit every rider (11 positions). Designed to be easily installed. Powder coated in black with crisp white R&G graphics on the peg and levers, giving these rear sets a very sharp look. The footrests are specially textured to ensure maximum grip in even the most tricky situations. Kit contains Full fitting kit, including instructions for hassle free installation.


Valtermoto offer 4 types of rear sets depending on budget and intended use, Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2.5 and Type 3.5.

Type 1 rear sets

Developed for street/racing use.
Footpegs and frontpegs are made in aluminium alloy machined to obtain optimal grip.
Shift and brake levers are mounted on two ball bearings to avoid any friction.

DOMINO Throttles

Domino XM2 Quick Action Throttle is one of the most popular throttles on the market and is used by some of the top racing teams in the world.  An essential for track or race bikes. They are available as a kit with either bike specific cables for the most popular sports bikes, or with universal cables for other bikes.  Each throttle kit comes with push and pull cables, a pair of black/red grips and 3 different cams for varying throttle speeds.  Cables and grips (also in different colours) are available as spares.

VENHILL Throttles

Venhill Quick Action Throttles:
Fits 22mm Handlebars | ‘Fast action’ Push / Pull throttle | Supplied with two rotors | Standard rotor pulls 36mm in 90deg. | Faster rotor pulls 36mm in 80deg | Black aluminium body | Inter-changable rotors on nylon throttle tubes | Length from end of allen key screw housing to the end of the twist grip tube is 150mm. With a full range of spares these are a great choice for the track.

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