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Suspension Basics

General tips Suspension Basics JP Racing Bristol 24 August 2019 Suspension basics Motorcycle suspension is a very complex topic and so much can be written about it, but for now I am going to give a brief explanation on how motorcycle shocks and forks work. There a quite a few variations of motorcycle fork and […]

Suspension servicing

suspension servicing Bristol UK

General tips Suspension servicing JP Racing Bristol 10 January 2018 Suspension servicing Unless you race motorbikes you probably wouldn’t consider servicing your suspension as an important part of your motorbike’s maintenance schedule.  True, it isn’t as essential as regularly changing your engine oil, but it is still and important job to keep your suspension working […]

Don’t forget to check your oil!

engine work JP Racing Bristol UK

General tips Don’t forget to check your JP Racing Bristol 03 November 2017 Don’t forget to check your oil! Even though it states it in every bike’s owners manual, most people don’t check all the fluid levels on their bike before each ride. While this frequency of checking may be considered slightly excessive, regular checks are extremely […]